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Change Inc. Announces Executive Director Transition


Minneapolis, MN - [March 22, 2024] - Change Inc. is pleased to announce an upcoming transition in its executive leadership team. After 30 years with Change Inc. and 5 of years of dedicated service as the Executive Director, Jody Nelson will be transitioning into a new role within the organization — Senior Director of Change Institute. Concurrently, Jill Johnson, the present Associate Director, will become Executive Director, effective May 1, 2024. Change Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to utilizing the power of relationships and community to create educational, training and healing opportunities for children, youth, young adults and families so they can achieve their highest ambition. 

Jody Nelson has been instrumental in shaping Change Inc.'s mission and vision, leading the organization through rapid growth, ongoing civil unrest in our community, and a global pandemic, among other epic crises the past 5 years have seen. In her new role as the Senior Director of Change Institute, Jody will continue to contribute her expertise to furthering the organization's goals through leading education and training initiatives. 

Jill Johnson, who has been with Change Inc. for over 10 years, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the organization's mission. As the incoming Executive Director, Jill is poised to lead Change Inc. in a phase of sustainability and impact, building upon the tremendous growth achieved by Jody and the dedicated team. 

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank Jody for her years of dedicated leadership and welcome Jill to her new role as Executive Director. The board fully supports this transition and will continue to be closely involved as we begin this new chapter of the Change Inc. story,” said Adam Spees, Chair of the Board of Directors.  

“The Board of Directors, Jill, and I have been very planful about this executive leadership transition with an intent to provide stability and long-term sustainability of the work of Change Inc. I’m thrilled to be moving into a position where I can focus my efforts on workforce development in the mental health, youth development and education fields,” said Jody Nelson. 

Jill Johnson expressed her excitement for the opportunity to serve as the Executive Director and her commitment to upholding Change Inc.'s mission and values. "I look forward to building upon the strong foundation laid by Jody and those before her, and to working collaboratively with our staff, Board, and partners to advance our mission." 

In addition to the transition between Jody and Jill, current leadership team members will move into Senior Director roles. Joe Ferraro will be moving into the role of Senior Director of Education, Lisa Xiong will become Senior Director of Clinical Services, Heidi Schlewitz Krueger will become Senior Director of Administration, and Corey Byrd will move in the role of Senior Director of Community Solutions. 

The Board of Directors will continue to work closely with both Jody and Jill during this transition period to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. Change Inc. remains committed to maintaining transparency and open communication throughout the transition process. 

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Katie Pope, Communications Specialist 651-675-6097, 


About Change Inc.:  Change Inc. is the product of a merger of two community-based organizations, Guadalupe Alternative Programs and Change Inc., both originally founded to serve underserved individuals and address the challenges of systemic poverty and racism that prevent Twin Cities families from achieving their full potential. The foundation of our approach is that relationships are the key to change. Change Inc.’s program activities, based on strong relationships and trust, holistically ensure our students are cognitively, socially, and emotionally equipped to succeed in school and life. For more information, please visit 

Jody Nelson and Jill Johnson standing in front of the Change Inc. sign.
Jody Nelson (right) passes on the Executive Director "baton" to Jill Johnson.

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