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The Community & School Collaborative (CSC) serves over 1,200 kids annually to remove mental and emotional barriers to school success. Throughout the past 15 years, services have expanded to include mentoring, case management, care coordination, and therapy. Today, CSC partners with Minneapolis Public Schools, Saint Paul Public Schools, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Minnesota Department of Human Services, and Minnesota Office of Justice Programs to serve kids and families throughout the Twin Cities.  


Community Mental Health Center

The Change Clinic is a key project of the Community & School Collaborative. Change Clinic provides therapies leading to healing and growth for children, youth, adults, couples and families who may be facing challenges related to transition, traumatic experiences, and other barriers to living life to the fullest. A culturally and linguistically diverse team of clinicians provide services at Change Clinic. Collectively, they are trained in a wide range of therapeutic techniques and approaches, and many specialize in specific challenges or populations.


Mental Health Services

Change Inc. has been on the forefront of developing and implementing the school-based mental health services in the Twin Cities. Our providers are more than an on-site therapist, we see the entire school as our client. Our model focuses on the mental health of students, teachers, staff, parents, and families. This approach leads to better educational outcomes by increasing access to caring adults.


Today, CSC provides school-based mental health services in 30 schools throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul. 


Change Inc.’s Community & School Collaborative team has developed mentoring programs for children and teenagers from communities of color. Our mentoring utilizes cultural knowledge to support youth to be successful in school and life. These programs are offered during and after school and are sometimes offered in partnership with mental health services. 



Crossroads is a school-based mentoring and community-building program of Change Inc. Change, Inc. has partnered since 2012 with teachers and administrators to embed Community Cultural Specialists (CCSs) in public schools as mentors to 1) support individual students at risk of school failure due to academic or behavioral circumstances, and 2) help build a positive school climate. This work builds on Change, Inc.’s 40+-year history of providing school- and community-based education and mental health and wellness services to youth and families in the Twin Cities. 

Community Solutions

The Community & School Collaborative has expanded services to include wraparound and case management in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. These Community Outreach services use the power of relationships to support and connect kids and families to a wide variety of resources. All staff in these programs are from the communities served and share lived experience of our clients. 

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