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GAP School logo in the color white

GAP School, located in the West Side neighborhood of Saint Paul, serves approximately 200 youth and young adults (ages 15-24) annually through education and enrichment; training that leads to employment; and social and emotional supports. Since its establishment, GAP School has taken a holistic approach to working with students at-risk of school dropout by addressing barriers to academic success.


We provide individualized education that meets the social-emotional needs of students, including mental health services and basic needs resources such as meals and transportation. More than 96% of GAP School students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and the majority are English Language Learners. Because the challenges facing our community are continually changing, GAP School staff work to adapt and create programs that respond to our student population and their strengths and needs.


We offer our students a safe, structured environment in which to learn and grow. With a significantly lower staff-to-student ratio than traditional public schools, our teachers develop strong personal relationships with students to help identify and address each individual’s unique needs.

GAP School’s suite of culturally responsive, community-based educational services help youth overcome the realities of their backgrounds and greatly improve their economic and occupational outcomes.

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