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Change Inc. is the product of a merger of two community-based organizations, Guadalupe Alternative Programs and Change Inc., both originally founded to serve underserved individuals and address the challenges of systemic poverty and racism that prevent Twin Cities families from achieving their full potential.



Change Inc. envisions a world in which children, youth and young adults, regardless of their place of birth or economic resources, succeed in school and grow to their full potential. In this world, families are embraced by empowered communities.


Change Inc. utilizes the power of relationships and community to create educational, training and healing opportunities for children, youth, young adults and families so they can achieve their highest ambition.


Leadership  |  Sustaining  |  Teaching  |  Healing  |  Advocacy


Relationships are the key to change. In all of our programming, we strive to create and enhance relational resources. We believe that a relationship with a caring adult is the key protective factor for a young person.


Cultural knowledge is critical to growth and healing. Utilization of cultural practice, tradition and wisdom is central to our mentoring and healing work.


Being in community is a critical resource for human development. We strive to be builders of community.


Working collaboratively with young people, families and communities to identify and address the needs they have identified is a key standard of our approach. We believe that everyone can learn, and people can solve their own problems when they have equal access to resources.


Hope is an essential element to encouraging people challenged by poverty, racism, trauma, and transition. We bring a strength-based, problem-solving attitude to our work removing barriers to success in school and life.

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