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A Lasting Legacy — How One Long-time Donor Has Supported GAP School Since Its Beginning

Photo of Carlo LaManna and his late wife, Virginia LaManna
Carlo LaManna and his late wife, Virginia LaManna (photo courtesy of Twin Cities Pioneer Press)

Carlo LaManna, 97, is a long-time donor to GAP School and Change Inc. and a proud West Sider from Saint Paul. He and his late wife, Virginia LaManna, had eleven children and were married 74 years before her passing in 2020. Together, they created The Carlo and Virginia LaManna Fund of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation to give back to their beloved West Side of Saint Paul community.

Prior to founding GAP School in St. Paul’s West Side neighborhood, Sister Giovanni taught religion classes to Mr. LaManna’s children at Archbishop Brady High School. When Sister Giovanni started Guadalupe Alternative Programs in 1967, Carlo remained connected to her and GAP School, and, in turn, Change Inc. Over the years, Mr. LaManna has given charitably to our organization. We recognize his generosity that has helped many youth and young adults through our program offerings and school services through GAP School.

Because of Mr. LaManna’s relationship with Sister Giovanni, Change Inc. continues to feel the impact of his generosity year after year, most recently during our 2022 Annual Appeal. When asked what keeps him donating to GAP School, Mr. LaManna replied that he does it for the children in need.

Thank you, Mr. LaManna, for continuing to support our mission of utilizing the power of relationships and community to create educational, training, and healing opportunities for children, youth, young adults, and families so they can achieve their highest ambition.

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