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Change Inc. utilizes the power of relationships and community to create educational, training and healing opportunities for children, youth, young adults and families so they can achieve their highest ambition.

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The Community & School Collaborative (CSC) serves over 1,200 kids annually to remove mental and emotional barriers to school success. Throughout the past 15 years, services have expanded to include mentoring, case management, care coordination, and therapy.

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GAP School serves approximately 200 youth and young adults (ages 15-24) annually through education and enrichment; training that leads to employment; and social and emotional supports.

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Change Institute helps develop and implement trainings focused on preparing caring adults (teachers, administrators, therapists, etc.) to best meet community mental health needs for children, youth, and young adults. We work to empower a diverse clinical workforce that is prepared to serve children and families facing complicated barriers in the Twin Cities.




Change Inc. is the product of a merger of two community-based organizations, Guadalupe Alternative Programs and Change Inc., both originally founded to serve underserved individuals and address the challenges of systemic poverty and racism that prevent Twin Cities families from achieving their full potential.



Change Institute, Change Clinic, Administrative Office

GAP School

1209 Tyler Street NE, Ste. 170

Minneapolis, MN 55413

(612) 259-7384 

FAX (612) 259-7185

381 East Robie Street

Saint Paul, MN 55107

(651) 262-5801

FAX (651) 290-2703

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