Our Mission


Change Inc. - creating occasions and relationships for the inevitability of change - addresses the challenges of racism and poverty through the development of both human capital and community building strategies.


Our History


In early 1993, Richard Mammen, Gary Miller and James Nelson re-formed Change Inc., a nonprofit community development organization (Founded in 1973) designed to develop effective ways of approaching inner-city challenges: Change Inc. gives new organizational form to the previous work of the three founding principals, who have extensive experience in inner-city community development. This experience has informed Change Inc.'s operating philosophy:


  • Gaining access to those most marginalized in inner-city communities

  • Developing programming "of" the community

  • Initiating relational-based programming

  • Utilizing cultural healing

  • Developing comprehensive community-building

  • Honoring indigenous community leadership

  • Facilitating those affected to define challenges and evaluate solutions

​Change Inc. is excited to announce that we have merged with our longstanding partner, Guadalupe Alternative Programs (GAP). As we work towards a combined future, we seek to build on our shared belief that relationships are the key to change. We will continue to build on the philosophy that healthy individuals live and thrive in healthy families and healthy families live and thrive in healthy communities.

Please follow along with us on this journey and stay tuned for more information about our transition to Change Inc.

Our Focus


In our efforts, we hope to operationalize the assumption healthy individuals live and thrive in healthy families and healthy families live and thrive in healthy communities. To that end, Change Inc.'s focus is proactively and collaboratively on:


  • Identifying and utilizing relationships as critical resources in working with individuals and families, attempting to bring balance to the "individual-only" treatment in mental health; 

  • Understanding relational competence as an essential key in working with diverse experiences of people and cultures;

  • Working to provide access to the mental health profession, particularily in underserved communities, through mentoring and training in team-led consultations and co-therapy in our work with individuals, couples and families;

  • Addressing and solving challenges of life through the development of effective ecological, social-cultural approaches and practice-based research;

  • Sharing our work with others.



 © 2014 Change Inc.

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