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The Community School Collaborative

Internships & Externships


Guadalupe Alternative Programs (GAP) and Change Inc. partner with 12 metro area schools — GAP, American Indian Magnet School, Edison High School, Hmong International Academy, Transition Plus, Green Central School, Jefferson Community School, Folwell International School for Fine Arts, Northeast Middle School, Marcy Open School, Pillsbury Elementary School & Waite Park Elementary School — to provide prevention, early intervention and mental health services for children, youth and families with access through the school setting.   


School-based mental health delivery is a national movement with strong support in Minnesota.  Schools, school districts and city/county/state agencies all contribute to the funding of these efforts (in addition to insurance reimbursements.)  Current national and local political discussions strongly support not only the maintenance of these efforts but are calling for doubling our efforts!  Emphasis on mental health, in general, and children’s mental health, particularly, represents a great opportunity for future mental health professionals who are trained to work with children/youth in the school setting.


All Interns and Externs participate in a pre-service training in August (four half-days) designed to orient practitioners to The Community School Collaborative’s goals, objectives and expectations.  Interns and Externs will start the year at their specific school site one week before the beginning of the school year in order to enter the school relationally and to join with the school staff.  Site-specific training occurs during that week as well.  Interns and Externs will be assigned an appropriately licensed Clinical Supervisor who will meet with them on average one hour/week to focus on skill development and client caseloads.  Additionally, practitioners will participate in bi-weekly group sessions focused on theoretical understanding and person-of-the-therapist growth.


Schools that we have hosted current and past interns & externs from include Argosy University, Bethel University, Saint Mary's University, University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas.


To Apply for an Internship or Externship, please email Heidi Schlewitz Krueger at heidi.schlewitz@gmail.com to set up an interview.